Original Hot Yoga

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26 Postures.
2 Breathing Exercises.
90 Minutes.

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Northern MI's leader in Hot Yoga
Where Everyone Fits In
Est. 2005

The goal is to workout

Schedule for November 28-December 4 | 2022

  1. November 28 | 2022
    8am - 9:30am
    10am - 11:30am
    5:30pm - 7pm
  2. November 29 | 2022
    9am - 10:30am
    4:30pm - 6pm
  3. November 30 | 2022
    8am - 9:30am
    10am - 11:30am
    5:30pm - 7pm
  4. December 1 | 2022
    9am - 10:30am
    4:30pm - 6pm
    6:30pm - 8pm
  5. December 2 | 2022
    8am - 9:30am
    10am - 11:30am
    5:30pm - 7pm
  6. December 3 | 2022
    10am - 11:30am
  7. December 4 | 2022
    8am - 9:30am
    4pm - 5:30pm

Experience the Original
Hot Yoga!

Serving the community since 2005, we offer an experience unlike any yoga class you've taken before—even if you have attended "Regular Hot Yoga."

All are welcome! Our students vary in age & ability— we are here to strengthen our bodies and relieve our minds.

We are a 100% locally owned, family operated & independent small business. We do not divert any funds to any franchising organization or individuals.



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  • It's the Single Best Thing

    I’ve done to improve my fitness in the last 20 years.

    —Milan Baic, Top 5 World Ranked, Master Cross Country Skier
  • Original Hot Yoga

    has rid me of remaining pain from a car accident in which I broke both legs, and had several surgeries. Also, no more seasonal allergies.

    —Lisa Bowerman
  • Original Hot Yoga

    continues to keep my bone density normal. It has also fixed my high blood pressure, enabling me to get off my medication!

    —Pam Chmielewski
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